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Atelier (Ah-TELL-e-ay):

A French word for an artist or designer's studio or workshop.

We at Mariposa Yarn Atelier have one goal- We want our yarns to bring joy to people and have a happy spirit!


Mariposa Yarn Atelier was started because it felt like something was missing in the yarn industry. Wools are abundant, cottons are common, and fibers should be fun. The thought of a luxury silk line sung to the heart and Mariposa Yarn Atelier was created. The beauty of silk is that it can be worn year round. It has the propensity to keep you warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months. And you create whatever masterpiece you want with it. Silk is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and can help alleviate skin issues. It's machine washable (but not dry-able) so care is very easy. 


Our yarn and patterns are deeply connected with fashion. All our patterns are created by imaginative designers that share the passion of hand making couture pieces that are uniquely breathtaking. Not only is working with our yarn a pleasurable experience, but wearing and using each handmade piece is a joyful adventure.  

We support a grass roots organization called " Monarch Rising" that is based out of Fitchburg, Wi. Monarch Rising aims to increase awareness of the depleting Monarch Buttery population and to help Monarch conservation and restoration efforts. 
Make your adventure happen! 
Happy Knitting/Crocheting!


MYA welcomes women and men from EVERY walk of life  Our designers are no exception. 


The current design warehouse houses some notable creative souls:

Laura Zukaite

Sheryl Thies

Olga Pobenskya

Shirley Paden

Olga Jankelovich


Each of these women have amazing resumes and are brimming with creativity.

If you would like to design for MYA, please contact us at

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